We are dynamic, quickly developing company which has been founded in 2008. Our experience on the market however, had begun in 2003 already. In order to fulfil even the highest of our customer’s demands our company employs a team composed of highly qualified individuals. Thanks to that we are at the top of our profession in Czech Republic.

If you are looking for disassembly works, demolitions of old assemblies or buildings contact us. Should you decide to make use of our quality services, we will prepare a tailored solution for your order.

What ca we offer?

  • Disassembly works
  • Demolitions of industrial object and old technologies
  • Incandescent metallization, autogenous and plasma cutting
  • Manual or mechanized demolition works
  • Sale and repurchase of iron waste and non-ferrous metals
  • Sale and repurchase of secondary resources – wood, paper, plastic
  • Transport works
  • Consulting for demolition works done with irreversible method
  • Locksmiths and welding works
  • Minor construction works

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