Kovokameník company is able to spray metals (also known as metallization) which is used as a protection against penetration of humidity and oxygen to the surface of a metal. By preventing this the metal is protected from rust. This method has proven to increase the lifespan of any metal construction by 10-15 years even in very aggressive environments. Incandescent metallization is a prerequisite for bridge construction works, car bodywork electric poles and such.

For the purpose of incandescent metallization, we use mainly copper and zinc aluminium alloy Zinacor. To-be-painted surfaces must be cleaned with blasting beforehand. Last step of preparation is the application of protective sealing paint.

During the application itself we apply the melted metal with the help of gas or electrical gun (electrical-metallization). This gun uses either propane butane or acetylene and oxygen as a heat source. The gas creates enough pressure to spray the melted metal in tiny particles on the target surface.

Electrical-metallization uses electric arc between two conduits. Melted wires are sprayed on treated surface with pressurized air. Electrical-metallization has two main advantages compared to spraying using gas flame method, the operating costs are 90% lower and greater spraying performance.

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Prices of incandescent metallization services:

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Kovokameník company can provide metallization in the following cities: Praha, Pardubice, Hradec Králové, Jihlava, Chrudim, Kolín, Vysoké Mýto, Litomyšl, Poděbrady, Nymburk, Jaroměř and surrounding areas.

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