Would you like to change the face of your unkempt garden or courtyard? Kovokameník company will assist you with restoration of such areas. What does land restoration actually mean? It means to transform an affected area into a self-sufficient ecosystem and also includes necessary landscaping works.

We own all the necessary and reliable equipment with which we are able to take on even big landscaping tasks. We are also focused on greenery planting and waterways works. We can provide complete land restoration of your garden or courtyard.

What tasks do we provide which are related to land restoration?

We provide complete tree felling services. This includes felling of trees and self-seeded trees, removal of their root systems. Moreover, we can remove weeds from your flowerbeds and tree planting areas. We also provide chipping services (chipping is done mechanically with the help of rotary crushers). With the help of various machinery, we can load and dispose of all the waste created during the restoration works.

We would like to help you with preparations of earth for sowing. We can plough or flatten any land with the help of tiller or heavier machines. We can provide delivery of new soil, sow grass and also additional services like lawn mowing with a lawn mower or brush cutter, irrigation and extra seeding procedures.

Moreover, we would be delighted to create a garden, park or green areas restoration plan for you. Just as you wish and with complete realization afterwards. With the help of our machines and equipment we can adjust any terrain, transport earth, gravel, bark mulch and such. Aside land restoration we will also take care of the plants after they had been sown and their long term maintenance works.

Services related to land restoration:

  • Mechanized land restoration
  • Restoration of gardens
  • Biological restoration
  • Large landscaping works
  • Greenery maintenance
  • Transport of large volumes of earth
  • Restoration of dump sites
  • Restoration of grass

What is our goal?

  • First and foremost, customer satisfaction
  • Professional approach founded on years of experience
  • We faithfully complete your tasks
  • High quality tech and materials
  • Our company has qualified and experienced team
  • Attention to detail

Prices of land restoration services:

Would you like to know the price of your land restoration in advance? Use the form below to contact us and get accurate information about your demands. We will respond as quickly as possible.

Kovokameník company can provide demolition and land restoration services in the following cities: Praha, Pardubice, Hradec Králové, Jihlava, Chrudim, Kolín, Vysoké Mýto, Litomyšl, Poděbrady, Nymburk, Jaroměř and surrounding areas.

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